5 Things to do in London, August 2017

By Kate Perutz

Kate Perutz gives five great tips for things to see in London this August.

‘White Flags’ and ‘Working System’

Carla Chaim and Ding Musa

Lamb Arts

Thur 6 July - Sat 9 September 2017

Carla Chaim, White Flag, 2017, installation view at LAMB Arts, London.
Carla Chaim, White Flag, 2017, installation view at LAMB Arts, London. Courtesy Lamb Arts. Photo: Damian Griffiths.

Lamb Arts’ current presentation highlights the work of two Contemporary Brazilian artists. White Flag, is a selection of Carla Chaim’s works that spring from the legacy of the neo-Concrete movement. Her primary offering is a process-driven installation with papers cut in an imitation of the gallery’s floor plan and then folded in sixteen different ways. The theme continues with an additional series of origami-based works, folded and then unfolded and painted within the remaining lines, evocatively rendering the three-dimensional on a flat plane. Additionally, Ding Musa transforms the gallery’s basement ‘cave space’ with his installation Working System (2017), a carefully arranged system of bricks, mirrors and photography which creatively uses the space to undermine the viewer’s expectations.

Read more: lamb-arts.com

Nature of the Hunt

Harman Bains

Auto Italia

Sat 15 July - Sun 3 September 2017

Nature of the Hunt, 2017. Installation view at Auto Italia, London.
Nature of the Hunt, 2017. Installation view at Auto Italia, London. Courtesy Auto Italia and Harman Bains. Photo: Corey Bartle-Sanderson.

For Nature of the Hunt Auto Italia and writer-researcher Harman Bains turn their eye to the portrayal of the ‘monstrous female’ in exploitation and body horror cinema. Through this show, which includes video work and archival material, exploitative tropes involving the female body, the abject subject, are freshly unpacked and dissected. It is revealed that these fictitious portrayals hold a mirror to what is considered normative society, unmasking contemporaneous anxieties. The exhibition programme includes the presentation of Body Loss, a new performance work by choreographer and dancer Angela Goh on 11 August, which explores the presented ideas in relation to the female voice.

Read more: autoitaliasoutheast.org

Handful of Dust: Photography After Man Ray and Marcel Duchamp

Whitechapel Gallery

Weds 7 June - Sun 3 September

A Handful of Dust, 7 June – 3 September 2017, installation view at the Whitechapel Gallery, London.
A Handful of Dust, 7 June – 3 September 2017, installation view at the Whitechapel Gallery, London. Photo: Stephen White.

Man Ray’s iconic photograph Dust Breeding (1920), a close crop shot of dust collecting on one of Marcel Duchamp’s works, is the jumping off point for this exhibition curated by David Campany. His curation traces dust as a motif through the twentieth century, a sweep that includes everything from images of aerial reconnaissance, wartime destruction and natural disasters to urban decay, domestic dirt and forensics. The show includes artworks from a wide range of major artists including Marcel Duchamp, Walker Evans, Man Ray Gerhard Richter, Aaron Siskind, Shomei Tomatsu and Jeff Wall alongside archival material from throughout the century. A particular highlight of the exhibition programme includes a talk by Sophie Ristelhueber about her photographs of war-scarred landscapes on 24 August

Read more: whitechapelgallery.org/exhibitions...

Frieze Sculpture 2017

Regent’s Park

Weds 5 July - Sun 8 October 2017

Michael Craig-Martin, Wheelbarrow (red), 2013.
Michael Craig-Martin, Wheelbarrow (red), 2013. © Michael Craig-Martin. Courtesy of New Art Centre and Gagosian. Photo: Stephen White.

For the first time Frieze opens its annual sculpture exhibition in Regent’s Park in time for the summer season. This shift heralds a welcome change - allowing visitors to enjoy Frieze’s programme amongst the sunshine and floral abundance of the park’s seasonal zenith. A wide variety of artists are included in the selection. And while seeking out the hidden pieces in the park is part of the fun, we’d particularly recommend finding Thomas J. Price’s portrait busts, the playful mirror piece by Alicja Kwade, Michael Craig-Martin’s vibrant wheelbarrow and Bernar Venet’s jumble of monumental acute angles.

Read more: frieze.com/article/fri...

Florence Peake

WE perform I am in love with my body 

Bosse & Baum

Fri 23 June – Fri 8 September 2017

Florence Peake, We Perform/i am in love with my body June, 2017, installation view at Bosse & Baum, London.
Florence Peake, We Perform/i am in love with my body, June 2017, installation view at Bosse & Baum, London. Courtesy Oskar Proctor and Bosse & Baum. Photo: Oskar Proctor.

Florence Peake’s first solo exhibition at Bosse & Baum presents a series of drawings made during her residency at the Wysing Art Centre. The large drawings are abstract figurative images created by the bodily movement of the artist upon paper placed directly on the floor. These outlines are not one to one corporeal representations but rather traces of experience, site and audience.  The final registered marks range from strong line to sketched traces. They encompass movement and can be read as potent visual manifestations of the artist’s dance and performance practices.

Read more: bosseandbaum.com

Kate Perutz is Head of Operations for Artworks London.

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