5 Limited Editions Under £500

By Kate Perutz

As London rides the wave of Frieze week, we suggest 5 exciting editions to add to your collection.

Study for Bad to Worse and Back, 2016

Sam Porritt

Brush ink on paper

42 x 29 cm

£191.20. Edition of 20 (with 3 APs), each unique.

Sam Porritt, Study for Bad to Worse and Back, 2016.  Brush ink on paper 42 x 29 cm. Image Courtesy Vitrine Gallery.

Sam Porritt (b. 1979, London) is a multi-disciplinary Swiss-based artist interested in ideas of progress and society. This print addresses these concepts while also serving as a masterful demonstration of the efficacy of a simply placed line. Faces stack and jostle atop each other here and, aided by the title, they suggest the impossibility of taking faultless action in the face of challenging circumstances. This year Porritt was selected for the Swiss Art Awards and will also open his first Swiss solo institutional exhibition at CIRCUIT, Lausanne in November.

Available: vitrinegallery.com

The New Black Yoga (Silk Scarf Edition)

Rashid Johnson

100% silk twill

130 x 130 cm

£325. Edition of 100.

Rashid Johnson, The New Black Yoga (Silk Scarf Edition), 2016. 100% silk twill, 130 x 130 cm. Courtesy Massif Central.

This piece features increasingly closely cropped stills from Rashid Johnson’s (b. 1977, Chicago) video of the same name, which records 5 men making choreographed movements on an empty beach. The subject matter of the scarf is beautifully enigmatic while the title, New Black Yoga, imparts a sense of humour. This scarf was made by Massif Central. Established in 2013, Massif Central is a Brooklyn-based company that produces 100% silk scarves by contemporary artists. You could even think about framing this scarf if the urge to wear it isn’t too strong. 

Available: artworkslondon.com

Colour in paperwork (A3), 2016

Amalia Pica

Risograph print

42 x 29.7cm

£85. Edition of 80.

Amalia Pica, Colour in paperwork (A3), 2016. Risograph print, 42 x 29.7cm. Courtesy House of Voltaire.

Amalia Pica (b. 1978, Argentina) is best known for her large-scale installations and sculptural works. This edition is published as a more intimate and practically-sized A3 sheet. It is part of the artist’s 2015-2016 series with the tongue-in-cheek title, Joy of Paperwork, which employs bureaucratic stamps from around the world. The ‘PAID’ stamp invokes the dull thuds of a bureaucrat’s stamp descending, however the playfulness of pattern actively undermines this while simultaneously referencing art historical traditions of minimalism and the readymade.

Available: houseofvoltaire.org

From Here to Eternity, 2016

Jemma Egan

C-type print on metallic paper

43.5 x 31 cm

£100. Edition of 10.

Jemma Egan, From Here to Eternity, 2016. C-type print on metallic paper, 43.5 x 31 cm. Courtesy Assembly Point.

Jemma Egan (b. 1982, Liverpool), a recent graduate of the Royal College of Art, produced this print using a still from her film of the same title.  In the film, hotdogs rotate ceaselessly and this print captures a frozen frame glistening against an oiled stainless steel heater. The image is simultaneously beautiful, symmetrical and slickly polished while the food represented is uncomfortably synthetic. Egan has exhibited as part of the ‘Zabludowicz Collection Invites’ series and has also been shown as part of ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’ at the ICA.

Available: assemblypoint.xyz

Autumn at London Fields, Before Work, 2017

Rose Blake

9 Colour Screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm Paper

45.7 x 99.20cm

£295. Edition of 45.

Rose Blake, Autumn at London Fields, Before Work, 2017. 9 Colour Screenprint on Somerset Tub Sized 410gsm Paper, 45.7 x 99.20cm. Courtesy Jealous Gallery.

Rose Blake (b. 1987, London) has created a seasonally pertinent love letter to one of London’s great outdoor lidos. The details of bobbing heads and floating leaves are delightfully rendered with a restrained colour palette of blues, browns and reds. Blake is represented by Rebecca Hossack Gallery and has been commissioned by many acclaimed publishers including The New Yorker, The New York Times, The Sunday Times and the BBC. She has also recently published an art activity book on David Hockney with Tate Publishing. 

Available: jealousgallery.com

Kate Perutz is Head of Operations for Artworks London.

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