An Apple iMac computer sits on a desk in a professional art space. The Artworks London database system is shown on the computer screen.

Engineered to meet the needs of the most demanding art professionals in the world, our cloud-based database software is the most powerful, elegant and intuitive way to manage your fine art inventory.

  • A photograph of the artist Mona Hatoum

    Mona Hatoum Studio

    The system is intuitive, good-looking and really enjoyable to use, and the Artworks London team have been invaluable in their customer service.

    At Mona Hatoum’s we are managing her archive, which includes recording each of her artworks and all the information that goes with them.

    Having worked with a number of systems, this one is by far the best.

  • A photograph of gallery director Ben Hunter

    Ben Hunter, Hunter / Whitfield

    The intuitive design and straightforward interface makes it ideal for managing our contacts, artworks and finances.

    Artworks London's industry experience really shows, the system is clearly built by people who understand how the art world works. Data collection is well balanced against the time constraints that come with running a gallery.

    It's the backbone of our business.

Take control of the data at the heart of your business, collection or practice.

Built with simplicity and flexibility in mind, the exceptional user interface makes adding and editing your data a fast and intuitive process.

Meaningful connections between your artworks, contacts and finances are built up quickly and presented in a clear and engaging manner.

To our customers, the Artworks London database is an invaluable part of their workflow, seamlessly integrating into their day to add value and save time along the way.

An Apple macbook and ipad showing views from the Artworks London database system.

Project manage your exhibitions, art fairs, shipping and archive all your data in one place.

The Project tool allows you to easily pull everything together, add key dates and track progress through assigned tasks. Placing everything at your fingertips will make planning your next exhibition so much simpler, leaving you to focus on the things that matter.

Completed projects remain as an archive reference so catalogue essays, shipping paperwork or research notes will be right where you left them.

An Apple macbook showing the Projects section of the Artworks London database system.
  • Everything you need in one simple package.

    £89 per month

    We only have one price plan, which includes unlimited artworks, contacts, projects, invoices, image and file uploads.

    Three user accounts are included as standard, additional users are £25 per month extra.

    £89 per month

Need some help with data entry or general admin?

Our Virtual Assistant platform could be perfect for you. All our VAs are experts in our database system and can help you get set up or manage your account in the most efficient way possible, streamlining your business to save you time and money.

Our Virtual Assistant accounts start at just £180 per month, including a free hour of VA time and a free database subscription, it's the perfect way to get started.

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